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Abilify 15mg pills $224.00 if there's a pinnacle of human hubris, it's got to be . If you're not familiar with this shockingly destructive method of coal mining, let me direct you to one of the best and most moving pieces of creative nonfiction I've read in recent years, 's 2005 article, , which was originally published by and expanded into his 2006 book, .
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In , Reece begins by describing a 2003 visit to Lost Mountain:

I notice that a fire tower standing here a year ago has been blown or torn from its foundation and sent crashing down the ridge side. But even without the tower's perspective, looking off to the north I can see thousands of acres - former summits - that have been flattened by mountaintop mining. Where once there were jagged, forested ridgelines, now there is only a series of plateaus abilify 15mg pills $224.00, staggered grey shelves where grass struggles to grow in crushed rock and shale.

the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that more than 700 miles of healthy streams have been buried by mountaintop removal - some say the number is twice that - and hundreds more have been damaged. Blasting on the mine sites has cracked the foundations of nearby homes and polluted hundreds of family wells. Creeks run orange with sulfuric acid and heavy metals. Wildlife populations have been summarily dispersed. An entire ecosystem has been dismantled.

Over the course of a year, Reece follows the process of the removal of the top of Lost Mountain. We follow the wrenching process with him, watching as the top of the mountain is dumped into the valley below, and end up abilify 15mg pills $224.00 standing with him where the top of the mountain used to be, looking at the wreckage around and below the scene of the crime. I don't want to ruin the emotional impact of this piece by quoting  the parts that made me cry. Read it for yourself.

This remarkable piece of environmental reportage came to mind because I read in the latest that anti-mountaintop removal activist and her children have been under siege by coal company employees who say things to her like, "It's odd sometimes how houses just catch on fire and people die in them. " Her fears are not unfounded. in 1999. Gunnoe is raising money for home security. Donations may be sent to POB 46, Bob White, WV, 25028.

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