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The right-wing rhetorical flap over the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court puts me to mind of the failed nomination of to the position of Assistant Attorney General back in 1993. Amoxicillin 250mg pills $82.00 as ,

one minute, [lani guinier] amoxicillin 250mg pills $82.00 was a respected law professor and justice department nominee; the next minute, she was the “quota queen. ” Never mind that she had never advocated quotas; it was a catchy phrase, so the name stuck. In short order, Guinier was history. The truth was no defense against the orchestrated perception of her as a quota-slinging “reverse racist” hell-bent on destroying the very fabric of democracy.
Then, as now, liberals rushed to correct the record, clarifying and contextualizing Guinier's positions on race-related questions. Then, as now, such efforts mattered not at all in the realm of right-wing rhetoric. Don't get me wrong, I think that Sonia Sotomayor will be confirmed to the Supreme Court. But that will be because, unlike Bill Clinton in 1993, Barack Obama has sufficient political capital and is willing to spend [amoxicillin 250mg pills $82.00] some of it on supporting his nominee. When Sotomayor ascends to the bench, it won't be because won the argument with . Nor, as we have already seen, will well-documented corrections of the record in any way dissuade opponents of Sotomayor from making misleading and even counter-factual claims about her. I mention this because liberal defenders of Sotomayor -- using facts, quotes and video clips to prove that Republican presidents have valued empathy too; that conservative Supreme Court nominees have said that their ethnicity and life history matters; and that, um, yes appeals court judges do "make law" routinely, whenever they issue precedent-setting rulings -- remind me so strongly of advocates of veganism rushing to seize every opportunity to point out the ethical, environmental amoxicillin 250mg pills $82.00, and health benefits of plant-based diets. All of that is necessary and important. But it's not enough. When powerful political and economic forces are at play, rational suasion only goes so far. That's why I and the Eastern Shore Sanctuary have always advocated a multifaceted, knowledge-based approach to the long-term project of converting a world-food system currently dominated by animal agriculture to the cruelty-free world of food for everybody we all want to see. Please visit the page of the newly renovated sanctuary website for details. And please do generously if it is within your means to do so.

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