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I've spent much of the last year brooding about pornography and global warming. Last week, I read something that brought those two trains of thought together. In the upcoming June/July issue of amoxicillin 500mg pills $207.00, which will focus on "A-ha! moments, " I've got an article about the moment when I started thinking seriously about my personal responsibilities concerning climate change. Ever since, I've amoxicillin 500mg pills $207.00 been routinely thinking, speaking, and writing about global warming. It's a recurring theme in my book, , in which I argue that we must heal the ruptures in our relationship with the natural world if we ever expect to heal our own traumatic injuries and that we must heal those injuries if we ever expect to repair the damage we have done to the the world. (If you're not sure what you can do about global warming, by the way, you can read now and then read that Satya article -- in which I give some practical tips gleaned from the scholarly literature about inactivity on climate change -- when it comes out. ) After turning in the manuscript of Aftershock to the publisher last spring, I found myself collecting articles and books on the linkages between pornography and rape. I wasn't sure why I wanted to read those things but I've learned to trust that such tangents tend to lead to useful ideas if I have the patience to follow them without worrying about where they will lead. It turns out that, somewhere below the level of conscious awareness, I was continuing to ponder the most vexing problem posed in Aftershock: the deep linkage of sexism and speciesism that leads to the use of sexualized violence as a tool of subjugation, as seen most spectacularly recently in the torture photos from Abu Ghraib. I'm still in the midst of what probably will be a multi-year project of reading, thinking, and writing about this. (I just picked up a stack of books from the library, including texts on torture and on the sexualized fetishization of fascism. Let's all pause for a moment of thanks for interlibrary loan, which is the #1 perk of working in academia. ) I call the project "unspeakable" because that's what we tend to call the kinds of all-too-common violence that I'm talking about and also because we don't have a word for the intersection I am hoping to illuminate. As I wrote in my recent post on , I am so deeply appreciative of Diana Russell and other feminists who have stood strong despite the double emotional assault of looking closely at pornography and being ridiculed for taking it seriously. Which brings me -- finally! -- to today's intersection. In her introduction to , notes that the harmful impact of pornography is a well-established fact that is not recognized as such. A wealth of data -- including extensive survey research, scores of experiments, testimonies of women and men from within the pornography industry, testimonies of rape and domestic violence survivors, testimonies of rapists, etc. -- attest to the multiple ways that pornography hurts both the women who appear in it and women abused by the consumers of it. Application of the laws of learning to the question of the impact of literature consumed while masturbating offers further evidence that consumers of pornography do indeed take in, and may later act out, the messages embedded in pornography: Women are objects for consumption. Women like being raped. Degradation is pleasurable. Violence is sexy. And yet, as used to be true of global warming, many if not most people consider the question controversial, unsettled, a matter for debate rather than a problem to be solved. Amoxicillin 500mg pills $207.00 various strategems are deployed to keep this urgent [amoxicillin 500mg pills $207.00] and ongoing problem in the realm of the questionable. One study that purported to prove that pornography is a healthy outlet for, rather than an incitement of, sexually violent impulses is cited again and again, even though the data cited in that study has since been shown to demonstrate an increase in rape following the legalization of pornography in Holland. Scholars and activists who talk about the dangers of pornography are misrepresented as prudish censors or ridiculed as overly-emotional alarmists. The available evidence is portrayed as inconclusive even though it is actually weighted heavily in one direction. The personal stories of those who have experienced the danger directly are simply dismissed. I'll admit that I was fooled. Even though I knew about the dangers of pornography from personal experience and from the stories that women have told me, before I embarked on this research project I truly believed that the scholarly evidence concerning pornography and violence against women was inconclusive. I knew that the link was real but I believed that it had not yet been demonstrated and that was why we have such a hard time convincing people that pornography is problematic. So, the question becomes: What led to the recent sea change in public opinion concerning global warming and is there anything we can learn from that to help us move the problem of pornography out of the stasis of false controversy?

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