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Feminist and Antiracist Arguments for Veg*ism

Arguing that “hamburgers and radical feminism are mutually exclusive,” Twisty over at I Blame the Patriarchy has bid farewell to bacon.

Meanwhile, over at AfroSpear, thefreeslave argues that “you can’t be a revolutionary and eat the white man’s food.”

Check out the comments steams for both of those posts. Also of interest is the ongoing problem-solving comment stream over at La Chola, where brownfemipower and the kids want to go veg*n but the other adult in the household does not. Issues of race, class, and gender have all come into the discussion. The discourse has been very thoughtful and blessedly free of the flaming that broke out at Black Looks when, after Sokari announced her veganism, a commenter directed her to the Vegans of Color blog and a white vegan took offense at the very existence of such a blog.

As a white vegan who spent several years doing antiracist work exclusively and who tries to integrate awareness of race into all of her work, I have a lot to say about the obliviousness of some white vegans to their own privilege but that will have to wait for another day. I’ve been mostly posting links and snippets lately because I am shockingly behind on several writing deadlines. Suffice it to say, for now, that if we want to counter the factually false argument that veganism is an inherently elitist “white thing,” we must be willing to see and act to end whatever class and race-based privileges we really do have.

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    Thank you, my friend. I’ll be linking to this specific, concise and linkful post. Good luck with all the deadlines! I hope you’re publishing something new and fantastic that I can eat right up.

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    Two quick links before bed « Vegans of Color:

    [...] Uncategorized — vegansofcolor @ 11:23 pm Tags: feminism, gender, native american, race Feminist and Antiracist Arguments for Veg*nism is a round-up by pattrice jones of some interesting recent blog [...]

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    Why would someone take offense to the Vegans of Color blog? That’s so ridiculous. The animal rights movement is still (sadly) largely a privileged movement. Poorer people have immediate needs they need to fulfill, such as making ends meet and simply surviving. They don’t really have time to think about problems outside their immediate environment.

    Also, this looks like a great blog. I’m glad I came across it via the Vegans of Color blog.

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    On Lenses and Filters : Elaine Vigneault:

    [...] I found this comment via Vegans of Color via SuperWeed via Black Looks regarding Vegans of Color (like the full circle thingy there? Me too.): “You [...]

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      links for 2008-03-22 by The Veg Blog:

    [...] SuperWeed » Blog Archive » Feminist and Antiracist Arguments for Veg*ism pattrice jones highlights some blogs looking at the vegan/race issue. (tags: veganism race) [...]

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    Thanks for your example as a conscious vegan/revolutionary. You were the first to plant the seed.

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    Weekly Digest: April 4, 2008 : Elaine Vigneault:

    [...] Feminist and Antiracist Arguments for Veg*ism- Oppressions are connected. [...]

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    Anti-Racist Vegan Activism : Elaine Vigneault:

    [...] Feminist and Antiracist Arguments for Veg*nism [...]

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