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Canadian pharmacy cialis Original entry here. Canadian pharmacy cialis I’ll add updates below as relevant news becomes available.

Canadian pharmacy cialis 27 APR UPDATES: U.S. Canadian pharmacy cialis declares public health emergency; swine flu confirmed in Spain; global stock markets plumet due to fears of pandemic; European Union health officials warn against travel to the U.S. Canadian pharmacy cialis and Mexico. Canadian pharmacy cialis

Canadian pharmacy cialis Tip to veg/AR organizations: Pork producers are already on this, canadian pharmacy cialis sending out the message that you can’t get swine flu from eating pig flesh. Canadian pharmacy cialis Now might be a very good time to seize the day by making and taking “Pig Flu, canadian pharmacy cialis Bacon, canadian pharmacy cialis and You” handouts to the grocery store. Canadian pharmacy cialis Be sure to give good and reliable information about flu along with your go veg message. Canadian pharmacy cialis

Canadian pharmacy cialis Important points to stress:

  • While you can’t get flu from eating meat, canadian pharmacy cialis you can catch all sorts of food-borne illnesses, canadian pharmacy cialis such as E.coli and salmonella. Canadian pharmacy cialis Furthermore, canadian pharmacy cialis meat is linked with many diseases, canadian pharmacy cialis including diabetes, canadian pharmacy cialis hypertension, canadian pharmacy cialis heart disease, canadian pharmacy cialis and several cancers. Canadian pharmacy cialis See this handout or visit PCRM for facts.
  • The bird flu and new swine flu viruses are so dangerous because they are mutations that bring together DNA from avian, canadian pharmacy cialis swine, canadian pharmacy cialis and human influenza viruses. Canadian pharmacy cialis Factory farming, canadian pharmacy cialis in which thousands of animals of the same species are crowded together in unsanitary circumstances, canadian pharmacy cialis allows viruses to mutate madly. Canadian pharmacy cialis But it is animal agriculture itself — including those small-scale organic farms and dairies so beloved by ostensibly ethical omnivores — that creates the conditions in which pig, canadian pharmacy cialis chicken, canadian pharmacy cialis and human viruses come into the sustained contact required for gene swapping to occur. Canadian pharmacy cialis As long as we continue to keep and kill animals for food, canadian pharmacy cialis we will be at risk for pandemics of virulent mutant flus and other zoonoses
  • Hunting’s no safer. Canadian pharmacy cialis HIV came to us courtesy of the practice of killing and slaughtering chimps for bush meat.
  • In fact, canadian pharmacy cialis many of the most dreadful disease outbreaks in human history have been zoonoses — diseases from animals that we picked up in consequence of our penchant for enslaving, canadian pharmacy cialis killing, canadian pharmacy cialis and eating them. Canadian pharmacy cialis (See my past post on bird flu for more detail and links to sources of information on this.)
  • So, canadian pharmacy cialis the best thing to do if you’re concerned about swine or bird flu is to quit being a customer of the industries that create and maintain the conditions under which these diseases evolve and spread.

Canadian pharmacy cialis Of course, canadian pharmacy cialis there are a bazillion other reasons (ethics chief among them) to be as green/vegan as possible. Canadian pharmacy cialis Feel free to mention those too — and especially climate change, canadian pharmacy cialis since that’s another big problem about which people are worried but don’t know what to do. Canadian pharmacy cialis

Canadian pharmacy cialis 27 Apr update update: Michael Greger, canadian pharmacy cialis author of Bird Flu has written an excellent, canadian pharmacy cialis and well sourced, canadian pharmacy cialis article on the factory farm origins of H1N1. Canadian pharmacy cialis Check it out, canadian pharmacy cialis especially if you’re likely to be talking (or arguing) with people about this!

Canadian pharmacy cialis 28 Apr update: UN raises pandemic threat level to 4 and sends inspectors to Mexican pig farms as new cases appear in Israel and New Zealand. Canadian pharmacy cialis Eastern Shore Sanctuary calls on animal advocates to seize the day.

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