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Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 Michelle Obama is a terrorist. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 That’s the only conclusion possible after a close reading of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 which deems as “terrorism” any coordinated action, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 including speech acts, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 that in any way injures any “animal enterprise.”

Barack-Michelle fist-bump cartoon

The New Yorker got in trouble for publishing this cartoon portraying the First Lady as a terrorist, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 but what if it's true?

Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 Let’s break it down: As has been widely reported, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 Michelle Obama is currently the figurehead of a coordinated effort to encourage Americans to change their diets. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 A recent quote from People magazine typifies the message she and her co-conspirators have been broadcasting by all means available to them:

Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 “The overall message of Let’s Move is balance, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00” she says. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 “Do we have a vegetable on the plate? Have we incorporated fruit? What’s the portion size? Portion sizes have gotten out of control.”

Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 The title of the article, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 “Michelle Obama wants you to eat your vegetables” sums up the terroristic aim of this campaign.

michelle obama at farmer's market

Michelle Obama laughs with co-conspirators at a farmer's market

Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 What if Americans do heed their First Lady and begin to make room on their plates for more fruits and vegetables? What will be pushed aside to make room for those insidious asparagus and radical radishes? What if Americans moderate their portion sizes, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 cutting down their consumption of triple cheeseburgers and super-sized milkshakes?

Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 If even a subset of Americans do this, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 the fortunes of the purveyors of fruits and vegetables will rise but demand for the products of the meat and dairy industries may decline. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 And if that happens, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign becomes a criminal enterprise. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 A terrorist criminal enterprise.

Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 Perhaps that has already happened. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 If even one family is now buying less meat due to Michelle Obama’s message, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 then she has already fallen afoul of AETA.

Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 Luckily for Michelle, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 the Center for Constitutional Rights has challenged AETA in a  federal lawsuit filed last week. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 The plaintiffs in the case, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 Blum v. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 Holder, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 assert that AETA represents an unconstitutional infringement on free speech and has, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 in fact, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 led them to censor themselves for fear of prosecution.

Michelle Obama in White House Garden

Michelle Obama directing youthful recruits in the White House kitchen garden... Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 What if she succeeds in training them to grow rhubarb rather than gobble McNuggets?

Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 Michelle Obama hasn’t been censoring herself. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 She keeps on promoting home vegetable gardens and regular consumption of leafy greens. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 Barack must be worried.

Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 Which raises the question: What will Eric Holder do? There’s nothing forcing him to defend AETA. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 Indeed, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 the White House made news when Obama, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 citing the unconstitutionality of DoMA, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 direct the Department of Justice to quit defending it.

Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 He could do the same for AETA. Primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 For Michelle’s sake, primaquine 7.5mg pills $261.00 let’s hope he does.

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