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Floral Wallpaper

Since my own desktop is often decorated with downloaded photographs, it only seems fair to share and share alike. Here are some extreme closeups from my garden. Click the thumbnails to see them in their full-screen glory. (I used the screen resolution used by most blog visitors. Just let me know if you’d like another size.)

Even if you don’t want wallpaper, have a look at the pictures to see the beginnings of your delicious vegan dinners.

squash blossom
This is a squash blossom. They’re edible!

baby squash
This is the back of the same flower, the swelling at the base of which is what will be a winter squash. They all start out the same way, as a swelling at the base of a fertilized flower.

baby melon
It’s the same with watermelons! The flowers are much smaller (even though the fruits are often much larger) but the principle is the same.

cuke flowers
Ditto for cucumbers! Here you can see the fruit of one flower hiding behind two other flowers.

bee fertilizing sunflower
Finally, we don’t see nearly enough of these anymore. Here’s a bee fertilizing a sunflower, which is actually a bazillion little flowers, each of which will become a bird-friendly seed if fertilized. The petals are edible!

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