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50 mg viagra One of these days, 50 mg viagra I’ll get back to blogging here regularly. 50 mg viagra Meantime, 50 mg viagra please do subscribe to the VINE Sanctuary blog, 50 mg viagra to which I do continue to contribute regularly. 50 mg viagra I’ve got a series on veganic gardening going on over there now, 50 mg viagra inspired by the past popularity of that topic on this blog.

50 mg viagra Oh! and, 50 mg viagra I’ve got a new book out. 50 mg viagra That’s what I said last night, 50 mg viagra some way into a long talk with an old friend. 50 mg viagra And it’s true: The Oxen at the Intersection: A Collision has just been released in both paperback and ebook editions. 50 mg viagra After I turned it in to the publisher, 50 mg viagra I kept forgetting that I had written it. 50 mg viagra And, 50 mg viagra now that it’s out, 50 mg viagra I keep forgetting to tell people about it. 50 mg viagra And that’s a shame, 50 mg viagra because the author’s portion of the proceeds go not to me but to VINE Sanctuary.

50 mg viagra So, 50 mg viagra please do me (and the sanctuary) a favor and pick it up. 50 mg viagra If you like it, 50 mg viagra please mention it on your own blog or other social media.

50 mg viagra What’s it about? Let’s call it a case study in calamity, 50 mg viagra in the course of which I try to demonstrate a method of thinking through the ways that social, 50 mg viagra psychological, 50 mg viagra and material (economic and ecological) forces combine to set up the situations in which animals are exploited.

50 mg viagra How do I feel about it? We’ll see. 50 mg viagra Early reviews suggest that I succeeded in making it engaging. 50 mg viagra But only time can tell whether my aim of sparking more careful, 50 mg viagra intersectional, 50 mg viagra and situational thinking among activists will have been achieved.

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