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Cole Slaw Spiced with Sulfamethazine

As the Eastern Shore Sanctuary blog reports, scientists have detected antibiotic residues in plants grown in fields fertilized with animal manure. So, yo, fellow gardeners: Unless you like your home-grown veggies seasoned with Sulfamethazine, skip that bagged manure-based “organic” fertilizer in favor of cruelty-free and earth friendly gardening techniques. See my previous posts here […]

Brits Eat Their Lawns

Hmm… There, the government encourages people to replace lawns with fruits and vegs and everybody has a right to a garden allotment. Here, community garden allotments are rare and, in many municipalities, you can be fined for growing rambling, diverse, edible, drought-resistant, organic herbs and vegetables rather than tidy, mono-cultural, useless, water-sucking, chemical-fed grass. […]

Radish Pods!

It’s stir-fry season in the garden. In between the flush of springtime crops like lettuce and peas and the lush summer season of cuke, zuke, and tomato fruits comes a lull wherein what’s available for dinner often turns out to be (as it was for me last night) two string beans, a handful of […]

Getting Grounded

Seed starting set from the discount hardware store: $9 Mini-greenhouse from the fancy garden catalog: $99 Starting seeds you saved last year in cut-up salvaged soda bottles lined with pages from back issues of the EarthFirst! Journal: truly priceless

I’ve been offline for what I now realize — from the panicked calls from people […]

Another Freegan Gardening Tip

Here’s another fall freegan gardening tip, courtesy of SuperWeed reader Kay Evans down in North Carolina:

“Around here people rake their leaves and put them in plastic garbage bags at the curb, where they are picked up and taken to the landfill. They are supposed to rake them to the street loose, but hardly […]

Solving the Celery Problem

Over at Bottle and Ball, Bottle hates on celery as part of Vegan MoFo. As much as I try to love all the little flowers, I too hate celery — the strings! the strings! just thinking about them makes me choke! — and don’t get me started on rhubarb, Swiss chard (one more reason […]

Freegan Fall Gardening Tips

I harvested the last of my peppers and tomatoes this week (thank you, global warming) and so now it’s time for me to belatedly share some of my fall gardening tips for freegans and cheapskates.

First and most importantly: Seed saving, sharing, and swapping.

Obviously, when you save seeds and then start them […]

Heated Words

It’s 90F degrees today. On the ninth of October! I should be outside in my ragged blue sweatshirt, stacking firewood, and feeling that brisk, back-to-school feeling that makes autumn feel hopeful even though the summer foliage is dying. I should be chopping up the remains of my garden to dig into the soil, dreaming […]

Floral Wallpaper

Since my own desktop is often decorated with downloaded photographs, it only seems fair to share and share alike. Here are some extreme closeups from my garden. Click the thumbnails to see them in their full-screen glory. (I used the screen resolution used by most blog visitors. Just let me know if you’d like […]

You’re right, I know…

…It’s too too hot to think clearly about the kinds of things I’ve been posting about lately. So, let’s escape to the garden, shall we?

Here’s a psychedelic song to listen to while perusing these pics of my garden. It’s Caetano Veloso singing Lost in the Paradise [mp3 expired], which is featured on the […]