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Case Studies in Political Psychosis: USA and DPRK

Down in South Carolina, baby-faced Newt Gingrich bemoans the inexplicable failure of the masses to see him as the savior-of-civilization he believes himself to be. Meanwhile in North Korea, chubby-cheeked Kim Jong-Un steps forward as the new “supreme leader” of the Democratic People’s Republic, ready to protect the people from all who menace them.


Revenge of the 39% [infographic]

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Michelle Obama, Terrorist?

Michelle Obama is a terrorist. That’s the only conclusion possible after a close reading of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which deems as “terrorism” any coordinated action, including speech acts, that in any way injures any “animal enterprise.”

The New Yorker got in trouble for publishing this cartoon portraying the First Lady as […]

Flatulent Propaganda

Last week, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson as on The Daily Show last week, laughingly assuring the American public that the EPA won’t be regulating cows. Jon Stewart laughed along and they moved on… right past the opportunity to tell people something they really need to know.

Ever since methane’s role in climate […]

Moving the Middle

The airwaves seethe and the fiber-optics networks thrum with right-wing attacks on Obama, many of them mean-spirited and just-this-side-of-rational. Sometimes the vitriol veers into the supernatural.

Let’s not pretend this doesn’t make a difference. What people think depends in part on what they hear and read; otherwise, none of us would bother talking or […]

Breaking Points and Biodiversity

Some years ago, I spent a few emotionally rocky weeks in a city in which I used to live. There to get care in the wake of a traumatic event, I was in sore need of soothing. So, I switched on the television and tuned into the cable access station to watch the semi-weekly […]

The Politics of Fear

I see that Barack “Let’s Bomb Pakistan” Obama, in addition to drifting rightward ever since election day, has shifted from the politics of hope to the politics of fear ever since inauguration day. He’s sounding less like Lincoln and Roosevelt and more like Bush and Cheney every day.

Terrorism — the pursuit of political […]

The Other 364 Days

Having encouraged SuperWeed readers in swing states to vote, I feel the need to remind everybody that, in the words of the CrimethInc Don’t Just Vote project, “voting is the least effective strategy for having a say in society. You can vote once or twice a year, but it’s what you do every […]

Election Daze

As an ecofeminist, I’m always more concerned with actual outcomes than abstract principles. Thus, I decide whether or not to participate in the political process based on my assessment of what’s likely to happen if I do or don’t vote. If Christian fundamentalists are trying to take over the school board or pass a […]

Scary Sarah, Revisited

It’s not often that I and the NYT agree. So, I was surprised by Frank Rich’s editorial echoing my sense that Palin is the pick of the Bush cartel and McCain better watch his back. Check it out:

Op-Ed Columnist – Pitbull Palin Mauls McCain –

SARAH PALIN’S post-Couric/Fey comeback at last week’s […]