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Double dose of cialis I’m supposed to be blogging for VINE Sanctuary right now. Double dose of cialis Instead I find myself sitting in seething stillness, double dose of cialis wondering what to say. Double dose of cialis Lou is dead—disappeared in the middle of the night. Double dose of cialis A man who […]

Names Of Herbal Viagra

Reflections on the death of a duck rescued from a foie gras factory. […]

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Viagra cookies Down in South Carolina, viagra cookies baby-faced Newt Gingrich bemoans the inexplicable failure of the masses to see him as the savior-of-civilization he believes himself to be. Viagra cookies Meanwhile in North Korea, viagra cookies chubby-cheeked Kim Jong-Un steps forward as the new “supreme leader” of the Democratic People’s Republic, viagra cookies […]

America Viagra

America viagra Here we go again.

America viagra Last week it was rats and empathy. America viagra This week it’s pigeons and math.

America viagra Each issue of Science seems to bring news of some fresh cruelty that cleverly demonstrates the cognitive or emotional capacities of non-human animals.

America viagra What’s a steadfast animal […]

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Cialis delivered overnight A new study published in Science demonstrated startling deficiencies in empathy and reasoning among even the most highly educated and otherwise proficient people. Cialis delivered overnight The researchers conducting this widely publicized study placed mammals in positions of frightening frustration and then dispassionately sat back and watched to see whether other […]

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Viagra original pfizer order Second of seven talk summaries from AR2007

Viagra original pfizer order I was on this panel with Jacquie Lewis of SPEAK (Supporting and Promoting Ethics for the Animal Kingdom), viagra original pfizer order who presented a fabulous slide show tracing the changes in what we know (or think we know) […]