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Eat the Elderly?

Folks, if you’ve not been following the saga of Bill and Lou, please head over to the VINE Sanctuary blog to catch up and learn what you can do. In brief, these two oxen have labored for Green Mountain College for ten years, yoked to plow fields or generate electricity.

Green Mountain College […]

And he was loved!

Reflections on the death of a duck rescued from a foie gras factory. […]

Moo-ving on Up!

Big news, folks. Dunno why it’s taken me so long to announce this, but I am moving back to the sanctuary, where I’ll be living in a 1973 Airstream trailer, sharing my front yard with cows and chickens in the part of the mountainous sanctuary property we call “up the hill.”

My new […]

1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Count the Days

I can’t even count the days I’ve been gone. I’m finishing the manuscript of my next book now, and plan to be back when that’s done. Old friends may remember that I started this blog with the question of whether I should write that book, and that the answer was a resounding “yes,” so […]

Mickey Z Interviews Me

As a way of helping the Eastern Shore Sanctuary get some publicity in the midst of our more expensive than anticipated relocation, Mickey Z wrote up an interview with me for OpEd News. It covers trauma and recovery, rooster rehabilitation, the social construction of gender by way of animals, and the origins of the […]

What We Can Learn from Sonia Sotomayor

The right-wing rhetorical flap over the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court puts me to mind of the failed nomination of Lani Guinier to the position of Assistant Attorney General back in 1993. As I wrote at the time,

One minute, [Lani Guinier] was a respected law professor and Justice Department nominee; […]

Memorial Day Moves

On Memorial Day weekend 30 years ago, I moved out of my mother’s home and into my first apartment, the lease for which I had signed illegally, being only 17. Since it was 1979 and I was 17, you can probably guess why my memories of that weekend, while colorful, are blurry. My roommate […]

First Words of the Year

As it happens, my first words of the year turn out to be a letter to the editor published in the local newspaper today. Visit the Eastern Shore Sanctuary blog to read all about it.

The letter calls for economic and agricultural diversification here on the Delmarva peninsula, of which the Eastern Shore of […]

My Trip to DC

(A heavy-handed semi-serious parody)

Hit hard by the economic downturn, representatives of the non-profit industry traveled to DC to demand our share of the bailout monies. I went along to speak up for animal shelters and sanctuaries. I took the Greyhound, as I always do, dressed spiffily in my least disreputable Goodwill clothing.

When […]


I’ve posted a few new (or, rather, old) texts, one of which I seem to have forgotten to publish back when I wrote it, on my archive. From the sadly defunct Impact Press, I’ve posted my 2005 book reviews of The Voltairine de Cleyre Reader and Normon Solomon’s War Made Easy. De Cleyre was […]