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I just heard from a friend about a besieged peace group in North Carolina. "Grandmas for Peace" in rural Beaufort County (two hours east of Raleigh, if you want to orient yourself) has a permit for a peaceful vigil on the waterfront every Friday. Lately they've been tormented by counter-protesters -- yes, counter-protesters -- who hurl invective across the street at them. I know how they feel. Asacol 400mg pills $138.00 we've got a regular peace vigil in this conservative rural community too. . (Go ahead, click it. [asacol 400mg pills $138.00] asacol 400mg pills $138.00 It's short! I pounded it out on the day it happened and I still like it!) Are you back? Okay. Here's a story from a different day: Two of the regulars at the vigil here were an older man -- a veteran -- and his wife, who used a wheelchair. He often wore his VFW gear and she usually carried a flag. One day, a car full of frat boys sped aggressively close to the curb, pausing just long enough for the blond boy riding shotgun to lean out the window, look that grandmother right in the face, and shout "Fuck peace!!!!" So, here's a shout-out to the Beaufort County Grandmas for Peace. It's a lot harder to stand firm for peace in a place like Beaufort county than it is to march with thousands in a big city. Let's all send them some solidarity this Friday -- which is today! Just pause for a moment and send a little energy their way. Maybe asacol 400mg pills $138.00, just maybe, they'll feel bolstered without even knowing why. (Or, if you're reading this after Friday, you can leave a little message for them in the comments. I'm going to be sending them a copy of Aftershock and I can include whatever you say in an enclosed note. )

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