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Sanctuary chores have been keeping me away from the computer these days. So benicar 40mg pills $172.00, let me share some links to reading material elsewhere. The latest issue of the is chock-full-of-fun, as usual. I especially enjoyed on direct action at CompUSA in Austin. Editor Donny's on the "waves" of Earth First! history are thought-provoking. Benicar 40mg benicar 40mg pills $172.00 pills $172.00 i applaud ef! for taking the time to attend to what had been unproductive movement dynamics, understanding that time invested into making organizations and movements more sustaining and sustainable is never wasted time. Movement sustainability is one of many subjects that come up in of the wide-ranging conversation between Isa Chandra Moskowitz and me, [benicar 40mg pills $172.00] which is in the latest issue of . And, if you haven't done so yet, don't forget to check out the latest issues of and , both of which are jam-packed with interviews and articles for hours of happy fun. Want more words? Check out the Magazines and Reading Room sections of my for a free full text bonanza.

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