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This is the first of two posts accompanying my talk entitled "Inconvenient Connections: Collisions at the Intersection of Race, Sex, Class, and Species" at the animal rights conference in Minneapolis. Bimatoprost 3ml bottle $100.00 in a future post, i'll summarize that talk, which demonstrated the necessity of exercising caution at dangerous intersections; offered practical dos and don'ts for activists seeking to diversify their organizations and/or work in coalition with other organizations; and suggested how thinking through these issues clarifies the importance of material as well as rhetorical strategies bimatoprost 3ml bottle $100.00, thereby possibly helping to resolve such vexing movement controversies such as the illusory welfare-abolition dichotomy. This post is actually an adjunct to the talk, directing those who attended (and those who didn't) to [bimatoprost 3ml bottle $100.00] on- and off-line resources for further study and reflection. First, let me share links to some of my own past speeches and articles covering some of the same material, sometimes in more depth than possible in this talk: Next here are some online articles by other people: by Amie Breeze Harper with Amie Breeze Harper in Colorlines Magazine by Karen Davis by Marti Kheel by Greta Gaard Recommended books: Carol Adams, The Sexual Politics of Meat Carol Adams, The bimatoprost 3ml bottle $100.00 Pornography of Meat Barbara Smith (ed), Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology Moraga & Anzaldua (eds), This Bridge Called My Back Diamond & Orenstein (eds), Reweaving the World: The Emergence of Ecofeminism Suzanne Pharr, Homophobia: A Weapon of Sexism Michele Pickover, Animal Rights in South Africa A. Breeze Harper, Sistah Vegan (forthcoming: Lantern) . . . and, um. . . pattrice jones, Aftershock And, finally, websites to watch: (sign up to be notified when the anthology is published) More from Minneapolis maybe later today. . .

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