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A dolphin swam up cefaclor 250mg pills $262.00 to two distressed whales that appeared headed for death in a beach stranding in New Zealand and guided them to safety cefaclor 250mg pills $262.00, witnesses said Wednesday.
Rescuers worked for more than one hour to get the whales back into the water, only to see them strand themselves four times on a sandbar slightly out to sea. It looked likely [cefaclor 250mg pills $262.00] the whales would have to be euthanized to prevent them suffering a prolonged death, Smith said
"Moko just came flying through the water and pushed in between us and the whales, " Juanita Symes, another rescuer, told The Associated Press. "She got them to head toward the hill, where the channel is. It was an amazing experience. The best day of my life. "

Smith speculated that Moko responded after hearing the whales' distress calls.


"It was looking like it was going to be a bad outcome for the whales . . . then Moko just came along and fixed it, "

After the rescue, Moko returned to the beach and joined in games with local residents

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