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A game for those of you who, like me, frequently do dumb things in the heat of the moment while trying to rescue or care for animals. . . Dumb Things I Have Done

  1. Try to lure a [cefixime 50mg pills $82.00] disoriented and possibly injured snake into a box. . . using a Tofu Pup. (Just last night and the inspiration for this post)
  2. Pick up an injured baby bluejay. . . while in sight of her mother. Cefixime 50mg pills $82.00 (she dive bombed me, hitting my head with the force of a dropped cinderblock. )
  3. Move a baby black snake out of the road. . . by picking her up with my hand. (Yes, she bit me. Yes, it hurt. No, I didn't die [black snakes aren't poisonous]. The little fang marks on my hand were cute. )
  4. Run around looking for the egg that must have just been laid by the squawking rescued chicken in the yard. . . who turned out to be a rooster. (That strangled sound was what crowing sounds like when adolescent roosters begin to find their adult voices. )
  5. . . . (more to come)
Your turn! No required number, just one or more of the dumbest things you've done while trying to rescue cefixime 50mg pills $82.00 or care for a nonhuman animal. Running into traffic doesn't count. (We've all done that and it's not so dumb cefixime 50mg pills $82.00, since it's often the only way to save the animal from those who won't brake to avoid killing a dog or a duck but will at least swerve to avoid manslaughter. ) Otherwise: Anything goes. Let's hear it. Help me feel a little less dumb about the Tofu Pup.

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