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As it happens, my first words of the year turn out to be a letter to the editor published in the local newspaper today. Visit the to read all about it. The letter calls for economic and agricultural diversification here on the Delmarva peninsula, of which the Eastern Shore of Maryland is a part. The Eastern Shore was the site of the last two lynchings in Maryland back in the early 1930s and called by H. L. Cleocin 150mg pills $163.00 [cleocin 150mg pills $163.00] mencken "a lush stomping-ground for knavish politicians, cleocin 150mg pills $163.00 prehensile professional patriots, and whooping soul-savers. " The growth of "" in the decades since has only increased the region's cultural insularity even as its economy has been colonized by global agribusiness. Living here these past nine years has been a trip -- on ! More words to come, for sure cleocin 150mg pills $163.00, but maybe not so many in upcoming weeks as I am heading into an intensive push to get my book about that trip (re)written.

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