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I've been pinged for a meme. Now there's a sentence that wouldn't have made any sense only a few years ago. Anyway, was kind enough to list SuperWeed as a smart blog that she reads and learns from. So now I need to list five blogs of which I can say the same. I won't list hers or Invisible Voices, since they are already part of this . And, since so many readers of animal-related or vegan blogs look at this one, I'll skip those too. I'm more of a blog browser than blog reader. I can't spend all of my time reading online! Not when there are so many to-read books piled up all over my house! And magazines stacked on the kitchen table! So, rather than visiting a few blogs regularly, I like to use the blogs-of-blogs that let me look at the headlines from lots of different blogs every day. So, to start: 1. , maintained by the folks at lets me keep track of the doings in the anarchoblogosphere. (Now there's a word that didn't exist until recently!) Among the bloggers depo medrol 4mg pills $115.00 featured, I especially like the vegetarian , who seems to be reporting from China these days. 2. brings together the voices of bloggers from literally all over the world. You can monitor the very busy aggregated feed or make use of a truly astounding array of . Check it out! 3. brings together bloggers from, [depo medrol 4mg pills $115.00] again, all over the world. These tend to be more news oriented and explicitly political then some of the more personal blogs found on Global Voices, although that site also aggregates plenty of political and news-oriented blogs. Depo medrol 4mg pills $115.00 that said, there are some individual blogs i read regularly. How to choose? 4. I've got to send Julian at some love, since he's sent me so much over the years, consistently linking to my articles and repeatedly posting . I'm not the only one! He's very generous with his blog, reprinting and promoting the works of other writers. Julian's a great writer in his own right. (Wonder if he's ever gonna publish that short story he shared with me?) His blog is intellectually rigorous with an emphasis on race and its intersections, plenty of interesting detours, and a blogroll your could easily lose hours following. 5. Finally, I would be both dishonest and remiss if I didn't admit that the blogs I read most regularly are mp3 blogs. Not familiar with that zone of the blogosphere? Most mp3 bloggers post single songs, along with links to albums and other works by the same artist, leaving them online only about a week. By writing about and selectively sharing the music they love, they help others to discover music that is new to them. It works out well for everyone. Studies have shown that readers of mp3 blogs, unlike clandestine downloaders of whole albums, tend to buy music that they discover that way. I know I do. Some mp3 bloggers share music that is out of print, often doing the work of rescuing works found only on vinyl that will never otherwise be digitized because they are too obscure or specialized to be profitable. That doesn't hurt anybody either. That said, which of the many excellent mp3 blogs should I mention? I guess because it's written by a collective with a different author, theme depo medrol 4mg pills $115.00, and diverse array of related songs every day. But, if you want more of my picks in that realm, just say so.

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