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The first of what probably will be a long series of entries dedicated to songs that have a stranglehold on my soul. . . Today, it's by , from his 1979 album , which is long out of print in the USA but was recently reissued in the UK. It's not just today. This tune has been haunting my days for weeks this spring. It's much more melodious and emotional than Sun Ra's more esoteric work (which, truth be told, I just can't get with. ) This song captures the sometimes melancholy tenderness of spring. Check out those diffident vocals, which sound like the musicians are muttering to themselves rather than singing. Meantime, the instrumentals go off [femara 2.5mg pills $101.00] in all directions yet cohere femara 2.5mg pills $101.00, kind of like the weedy yards we've been talking about in the discussion of my post. Femara 2.5mg pills $101.00 i'll femara 2.5mg pills $101.00 be taking the mp3 down after a week. If you like the music, support the artist!

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