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Hmm. Fosamax 35mg pills $143.00 . . There, the government encourages people to replace lawns with fruits and vegs and everybody has a right to a garden allotment. Here, community garden allotments are rare and, in many municipalities, you can be fined for growing rambling, diverse, edible, drought-resistant, organic herbs and vegetables rather than tidy, mono-cultural, useless, water-sucking, chemical-fed grass.
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The nation\'s landscape is changing before our eyes. Record numbers of people are preparing to dig up their manicured lawns and privet hedges. Even the most modish gardens are sporting freshly dug vegetable beds, sapling fruit trees and nascent compost heaps.
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Fruit and vegetable seed sellers last week reported record sales, with many saying that they cannot keep up with a sudden rise in demand. Meanwhile, the landscape gardening industry is in crisis, with many firms laying off staff.
In March the Royal Horticultural Society will unveil the latest stage in its "Grow Your Own" campaign, this time turning its attention to fruit-growing. The campaign, which aims to show people that they don\'t need acres of space to begin growing, and that gardening can reduce the amount of money spent on food fosamax 35mg pills $143.00, claims to have inspired half a million people to start cultivating fruits and vegetables.
The world\'s resources are limited and people want to do their bit.
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