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Gotta give it up for Ecuador. . . Remember back in 2000, when farmers and activists blocked the port of Guayaquil, preventing ships laden with biotech soya from docking? Yeah, I think the people will support this new constitutional provision, making Ecuador the first country to codify rights for ecosystems.
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on july 7, the 130-member ecuador constitutional assembly, elected countrywide to rewrite the country’s constitution, voted to approve articles that recognize rights for nature and ecosystems.

“If adopted in the final constitution by the people glucotrol 5mg pills $82.00, Ecuador would become the first country in the world to codify a new system of environmental protection based on rights, ” says Thomas Linzey, Executive Director of the

The following clauses will be included in the constitution that will be submitted to a countrywide vote, to be held 45 days after Assembly finishes its work later this month.

Chapter: Rights for Nature

Art. 1. Nature or Pachamama, where life is reproduced and exists, has the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles, structure, functions and its processes in evolution.

Every person, people, community or nationality, will be able to demand the recognitions of rights for nature before the public organisms.


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