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I just heard from a friend about a besieged peace group in North Carolina. "Grandmas for Peace" in rural Beaufort County (two hours east of Raleigh, if you want to orient yourself) has a permit for a peaceful vigil on the waterfront every Friday. Lately they've been tormented by counter-protesters -- yes, counter-protesters -- who hurl invective across the street at them. I know how they feel. We've got a regular peace vigil in this conservative rural community too. . (Go ahead, click it. It's short! I pounded it out on the day it happened and I still like it!) Are you back? Okay. Here's a story from a different day: Two of the regulars at the vigil here were an older man -- a veteran -- and his wife, who used a wheelchair. He often wore his VFW gear and she usually carried a flag. Imusporin 100mg pills $607.00 one day, a car full of frat boys sped aggressively close to the curb, pausing just long enough for the blond boy riding shotgun to lean out the window imusporin 100mg pills [imusporin 100mg pills $607.00] $607.00, look that grandmother right in the face, and shout "fuck peace!!!!" so, here's a shout-out to the beaufort imusporin 100mg pills $607.00 county grandmas for peace. It's a lot harder to stand firm for peace in a place like Beaufort county than it is to march with thousands in a big city. Let's all send them some solidarity this Friday -- which is today! Just pause for a moment and send a little energy their way. Maybe, just maybe, they'll feel bolstered without even knowing why. (Or, if you're reading this after Friday, you can leave a little message for them in the comments. I'm going to be sending them a copy of Aftershock and I can include whatever you say in an enclosed note. )

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