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It's the start of a new semester and, as usual, I'm snowed under already. So, [levothroid 100mcg $140.00] let me send you elsewhere, for some fun snow-day reading. is a high-caliber online journal of translated writing. is worth browsing, with the only problem being not enough time to keep up with all of the remarkable writing within. The current issue solves that problem somewhat, as it is the second in a series of translated graphic narratives. I love comics of all kinds -- graphic memoirs, underground comix from the 1970s, and those type books especially -- and I particularly like cryptic comics that, like poetry levothroid 100mcg $140.00, levothroid 100mcg $140.00 say more with a few words and images than ten thousand words lined up in a row in an essay ever could. Words Without Borders offers us a few of those, including. Levothroid 100mcg $140.00 . . by Riccardo Falcinelli and Marta Poggi (in the current issue), and. . . by David B. (in a back issue). Go. Read. Come back. Discuss.

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