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Lopid 600mg pills $126.00 mexico city is in the grip of an influenza epidemic that the world health organization says . [See pandemic updates below. ] Like the bird flu virus , the deadly strain of the H1N1 virus now sickening (and killing) people in Mexico and is a virulent "mixture of swine, human and avian flu viruses. " Like the strain of avian influenza that killed millions in , the new swine flu targets healthy adults rather than infants and the elderly. If you don't know why this should be cause for concern, check out my past post on . And, um, if you haven't already, quit being the market for the animal agriculture industries responsible for the mutation of these viruses. (In other words, quit eating meat. ) Like climate change, zoonoses like these arise because of our hubristic abuse of nature and other species. And, as with climate change, the least privileged of people are likely to pay the highest price. It's up to those of us with the wherewithal to make different choices to do so lopid 600mg pills $126.00, giving up gluttony in favor of solidarity. 27 APR UPDATES: , swine flu , stocks . Tip to veg/AR organizations: Now might be a very good time to seize lopid 600mg pills $126.00 the day by making and taking "Pig Flu, Bacon, and You" handouts to the grocery store. Be sure to give good and reliable information about flu [lopid 600mg pills $126.00] along with your go veg message.

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