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The hip young lesbian magazine has got in the issue that came out Friday. Back when I was a hip young lesbian, I'd have been impossibly thrilled to know that one day I would be featured in such a magazine. Actually, I'd have been thrilled to think that such a magazine would ever exist. Lotrisone cream in 20gr tube $58.00 today lotrisone cream in 20gr tube $58.00, i'm most excited when queer magazines cross boundaries, which this one does. Cherrie is an Australian magazine designed to appeal to young, urban lesbians. While there's lots of glossy coverage of club scenes and celebrities, editor Katrina Fox does a remarkably good job of integrating thoughtful coverage of complex and substantial topics within an understanding of the intersection of oppressions. And, she doesn't leave out the animals! The kick-off issue included an interview with PETA's Dan Matthews. In introducing her interview with me, which focused on the advice for activists in my book , she decries government repression of "compassionate people who know it’s wrong to torture humans and animals and poison the planet. " Speaking of queering animal liberation, [lotrisone cream in 20gr tube $58.00] I'm also thrilled to report that 's has consented to join the editorial lotrisone cream in 20gr tube $58.00 team of the long-stalled Coming Out for Animals anthology that and I have been so remiss in pulling together. We'll be putting out a new call for contributions soon and, now that Olivia's bringing her energy to the project, I feel confident that the long-deferred dream of that book eventually will come true.

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