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Call for Proposals

Coming Out for Animals: Queering Animal Liberation

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What do queer liberation and animal liberation have to do with each other? How does the construction of homosexuality as both "unnatural" and "bestial" hurt both people and animals? How are speciesism and heterosexism interrelated and how do they fit into the matrix of race-sex-class oppression? Why have both homosexuality and veganism been dismissed as "white things" beside the point of real liberation struggles? What are we going to do about homophobia among straight-edge vegans? About those dreadful gay rodeos? Should we be arguing for pleather or against sexual practices that mimic the subjugation of animals? What's so sexy about whips, chains, and choke collars anyway? What do hip hop "video vixens" and activist "vegan vixens" have in common beyond the performance of animality for the heterosexual male gaze?
How does vivisection hurt people with AIDS? Why, within the USA, are both the queer and animal liberation movements less diverse than they should be but portrayed as more white than they are? Why do queer activists in Uganda but animal activists in the USA bear the brunt of police suppression in their respective countries? Are they similarly subversive of "cultural" practices that turn out to be critical to the maintenance of state power? What keeps many gay men in the animal liberation movement from coming out? Why are so many lesbian potlucks vegetarian and what does this mean in the era of FBI infiltration of the vegan potluck?

In the hopes of answering these and similar questions, we are seeking proposals for a new anthology to be entitled Coming Out for Animals: Queering Animal Liberation. ("We" are Kim Stallwood lyrica 150mg pills $273.00, pattrice jones, and Olivia Lane. Our bios are below. ) The anthology will include thought-provoking essays on theoretical and practical topics as well as personal narratives by queer animal advocates , vegan queer activists, and queer vegans who are active in other struggles.

Proposals should include a summary or abstract of the proposed chapter along with information about the author. If you have previous publications, please list at least some of them. If you don't have previous publications, don't despair but please do include a writing sample — perhaps a page or two of the piece you want to write for us. All of the editors are skilled at working with first-time writers and we are particularly committed to publishing activists who have not yet had a voice in their respective movements.

We do have a number of chapters and promises in hand as well as a list of topics we really hope somebody will cover (some of which are suggested by the questions above). If you fear that your proposed topic might be already covered or if you might like to help us out by covering one of the topics on our wish list, please write to us before preparing your proposal. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to write to us before putting any time into a proposal.

Address all proposals and inquiries to: pattrice (at) pattricejones. info or pattrice jones c/o Eastern Shore Sanctuary; 13981 Reading Ferry; Princess Anne, MD 21853; USA.

Proposal Deadline: 30 August, 2008
Deadline for Accepted Chapters: 31 December, 2008

About the Editors

is a writer and independent scholar living in East Sussex, England. He is the former executive director of PETA (1987-1992); former editor-in-chief of Animal's Agenda magazine (1993-2002); former co-executive director (2002-2007) and current European Director of the . lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 He is the editor of two anthologies, and , as well as a contributor to several other anthologies. Kim blogs at and can be reached at kim (at) grumpyvegan. com

is an eco-feminist writer and activist living in rural Maryland, USA. Her adventures in queer activism began in 1976. She co-founded the Eastern Shore Sanctuary in 2000. An editor of the , she teaches at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. A former columnist for an LGBTQ newspaper, she has also written for LesbianNation and numerous progressive periodicals. She is the author of as well as a contributor to several anthologies. pattrice blogs at and can be reached at pattrice (at) pattricejones. Lyrica 150mg pills $273.00 info

is an artist and activist living in brooklyn, usa. An advocate of veganism as the path to animal liberation since 2002, Olivia is Editor-at-Large for the popular website, . Olivia previously blogged for and has written for [lyrica 150mg pills $273.00] . She can be reached at olivia (at) supervegan. com

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