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Nootropil 800mg pills $174.00 greetings from the airport at charlotte, nc, where i am one of those people typing madly on laptops while other people swarm fast food franchises and one woman very delicately plays the canon in d major on an incongruously placed piano. We're going to try something new here at SuperWeed this week, okay? I'm on my way to the . Just for the duration of the conference, I'm going to post brief descriptive updates in lieu of more [nootropil 800mg pills $174.00] thought-out commentary. Maybe it will be interesting for those of you who would like to attend the conference but can't. And maybe it will be a good way for me to capture impressions and ideas that might otherwise be lost. Speaking of lost nootropil 800mg pills $174.00, I've been in transit for eight hours and I'm not even halfway there yet. I'm extremely sleep deprived, which is making all of these American fellow travelers of the Bush regime seem even more strange than they usually do to me. And, maybe because I'm literally ungrounded myself, I'm really noticing the lack of gravity among these denizens of consumer culture. It's hard to say what I nootropil 800mg pills $174.00 mean by lack of gravity, especially since I'm so very, very sleepy. I mean gravity in the deeper senses of seriousness and fertility as well as the basic sense of being rooted to the earth. Instead of that, I see beer-brand t-shirts and constant cell-phone check-ins that are maybe making up for the more genuine connections that are missing. More to come from LA. . .

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