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cofounder Miriam Jones always used to get irked at me when I begged her not to jinx us by, for example, announcing "it's going to rain" when we really needed rain. Omnicef 300mg pills $113.00 "i'm not powerful enough to control the weather, " she'd say with some exasperation. "That's just it!" I'd exclaim: Jinxing happens when you presume to predict something that, in fact, is beyond your knowledge and control and the universe knocks you down for that hubris. Jinxing is the pagan analogue of the principle that leads devout monotheists to reflexively say "God willing" or "Inshallah" when speaking of the future. Like my fear of jinxing, this reflex can be deeply ingrained even among those who don't really believe that God or Gaia will smack them back if they presume to predict the future. I remember speaking at a sustainable development conference, I [omnicef 300mg pills $113.00] noticed that even irreligious scholars omnicef 300mg pills $113.00 and activists peppered their statements with "Inshallah" (If Allah wills it): "Lunch will be served, Inshallah, in the dining rooms downstairs while the dinner buffet will be set up omnicef 300mg pills $113.00, Inshallah, on the roof. " At first, I was simply charmed by the incongruity of such a phrase falling so frequently from such secular, cosmopolitan lips. But then I found myself feeling appreciative of the lack of hubris implicit in that particular phrase. We really didn't know yet whether lunch would be served or the dinner buffet set up. Any number of emergencies or alternative opportunities, divine or otherwise, might have intervened. All of which is to say that I'm going away for a few days -- to Minneapolis, for and for personal purposes -- and am *not* taking my laptop. So, after posting the handout for one of my events (which I'm going to do next), I won't be posting or monitoring comments until next week when -- weather and other elements of Gaia permitting -- I will resume blogging. Wish me luck but *please* don't jinx me by saying you're sure my trip will be great!

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