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Order viagra now Hamid Karzai is demanding an explanation for the  “assasination” of numerous Afghan civilians, order viagra now including several little girls, order viagra now by a rampaging US soldier who evidently just went door to door, order viagra now shooting whoever he happened upon. Order viagra now What could Obama possibly say? “Nothing personal, order viagra now that’s just how we roll in the USA”? Just in the past week or so, order viagra now we’ve seen a school shooting in Ohio, order viagra now a college clinic shooting in Pennsylvania, order viagra now and a courthouse shooting in Washington state. Order viagra now (We’re also “number one” in serial killers, order viagra now for what it’s worth.)

Order viagra now I’m serious here: Afghan officials are (reasonably, order viagra now in their in their minds) requesting an explanation for something that, order viagra now for most Americans, order viagra now requires no explanation. Order viagra now It seems normal to us that, order viagra now relatively regularly, order viagra now an armed male will go on an indiscriminate shooting rampage. Order viagra now Each of these episodes is seen as an ultimately unexplainable anomaly even as they are collectively accepted as a kind of normal (albeit horrific) periodic natural disaster.

Order viagra now It doesn’t look that way from the outside. Order viagra now Which provokes me to wonder: What would it take for Americans to see themselves as others do or even to look more critically at themselves, order viagra now regardless of what others think? Short of something like losing World War II, order viagra now what does it take for members of a violent culture to inquire deeply into the sources of the violence that seems so natural to them?

Order viagra now Because, order viagra now of course, order viagra now there are all sorts of things we could do, order viagra now individually and collectively, order viagra now to undermine the sources of violence in our everyday lives. Order viagra now But for those kinds of actions to add up to substantial cultural change, order viagra now they’ve got to be undertaken by a sufficient number of the people who co-create the culture through their collective choices every day. Order viagra now And for that to happen, order viagra now maybe, order viagra now there needs to be an awareness of both the bad news that something’s gone wrong and the good news that the way things are right now isn’t how they always have to be. Order viagra now Both require the knowledge that what happens to be normal here and now isn’t the only possibility.

Order viagra now How might artists and activists make that manifest? Any ideas?

Order viagra now (Let’s count this as part 2 in the “to be real” series.)

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Poker viagra What would you do for a piece of toast? Unless the answer includes spurting plumes of sulfur dioxide into the air and literally killing rivers by making them too acidic for any life other than extremophile microbes to grow, poker viagra then you need to read this book. Poker viagra Luckily for you, poker viagra it’s fun to read! Here’s the review I just posted on Goodreads:

Poker viagra The Toaster ProjectThe Toaster Project by Thomas Thwaites

Poker viagra My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Poker viagra The premise of this book is simple–build a toaster from scratch–and Twaites’ writing style is similarly straightforward. Poker viagra But what Thwaites is up to here is deep, poker viagra nothing less than undermining (at one point, poker viagra literally) the foundations of the throw-away culture upon which both late consumer capitalism and the ongoing rush to wreck the planet depend.

Poker viagra Thwaites tells the story in a matter-of-fact, poker viagra at times deadpan, poker viagra voice, poker viagra punctuating the tale with fun facts, poker viagra amusing email, poker viagra and quick character sketches of people met along the way. Poker viagra It’s a fun, poker viagra fast read with a powerful message made palatable by the breezy style.

Poker viagra Don’t undercut your own enjoyment by reading too many reviews that might reveal key events or conclusions too soon. Poker viagra Just jump in and enjoy the ride.

Poker viagra View all my reviews

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Buy viagra pill Down in South Carolina, buy viagra pill baby-faced Newt Gingrich bemoans the inexplicable failure of the masses to see him as the savior-of-civilization he believes himself to be. Buy viagra pill Meanwhile in North Korea, buy viagra pill chubby-cheeked Kim Jong-Un steps forward as the new “supreme leader” of the Democratic People’s Republic, buy viagra pill ready to protect the people from all who menace them.

Buy viagra pill
As North Koreans acclaim their new leader and U.S. Buy viagra pill voters assess the ideological purity of the Republican candidates for President, buy viagra pill now might be a good time to look at the similarities between North Korea and the United States. Buy viagra pill While self-consciously poised as antipodes—one triumphantly capitalist and the other ostensibly communist, buy viagra pill each at times condemning the other as the embodiment of evil—these two “democracies” share more features than either would care to acknowledge. Buy viagra pill Chief among these is what B.R. Buy viagra pill Myers, buy viagra pill writing about North Korea, buy viagra pill calls “paranoid nationalism.”

Buy viagra pill Former DPRK Kim Jong-Il’s death and his son Kim Jong-Un’s accession have drawn a new round of attention to Meyers’ colorful 2010 treatise, buy viagra pill The Cleanest Race, buy viagra pill which purports to clarify the North Korean “cult of personality” for befuddled foreigners who might be tempted to write off that nation’s aggrandizing rhetoric as insane or insincere. Buy viagra pill According to Myers, buy viagra pill North Koreans mean it when they revere their leaders, buy viagra pill whom they see as embodiments of the essence of their own inherent superiority. Buy viagra pill In other words, buy viagra pill when North Koreans sing the praises of leaders such as Kim Il-Sung or Kim Jong-Il they are actually praising themselves. Buy viagra pill Like true-red-white-and-blue Americans, buy viagra pill North Koreans see themselves not only as uniquely virtuous but also everlastingly endangered. Buy viagra pill Hence the need for a strong-armed leader with his finger on the nuclear trigger.

Buy viagra pill American candidates for office routinely state that the United States is “the greatest country in the world, buy viagra pill” sometimes going so far as to retroactively include all of human history in the comparative assessment. Buy viagra pill To hear FoxNews tell it, buy viagra pill we are persistently besieged by terrorists who hate our freedom and by immigrants who will pollute our culture unless kept in check by English-only laws and a militarized border. Buy viagra pill Meanwhile, buy viagra pill the mediocre thinkers who pass for our intellectual class debate with straight faces the concept of “American exceptionalism” as if this notion were anything other than manifestly fantastical.

Buy viagra pill How different is this, buy viagra pill really, buy viagra pill from North Korean claims of inherently exceptional (and always endangered) purity?

Buy viagra pill Let me put that another way: If any other country were to rank 37th in the world health care, buy viagra pill 17th  in the world in educational achievement, buy viagra pill and 36th (tied with Cuba) in life expectancy while insisting that all candidates for the highest office in the land make counter-factual statements concerning the country’s overall superiority, buy viagra pill what would you call that?

Buy viagra pill If the citizens of any country other than the United States assumed that it was their natural right to lead the world on every issue—not sometimes lead, buy viagra pill sometimes follow, buy viagra pill and most of the time cooperate, buy viagra pill but actually take charge on every matter of international concern—what would you call that?

Buy viagra pill I call it delusional hubris. Buy viagra pill And so I am curious to understand the roots of such self-aggrandizement elsewhere, buy viagra pill in case it might shed light on the psychological forces that lead our country and its leaders to behave so dangerously. Buy viagra pill (Yes, buy viagra pill I mean you Barack Obama—don’t think you’re off the hook just because the Republicans are so flagrantly deranged. Buy viagra pill The current chaos in Pakistan comes courtesy of your arrogant insistence on death by drone when the true allies of democracy in the region could have told you what to do instead.)

Buy viagra pill I found The Cleanest Race to be illuminating albeit imperfect. Buy viagra pill The basic premise of the book is sound: What looks like nonsense from the outside often proves to be both internally consistent and psychologically meaningful. Buy viagra pill (That’s true, buy viagra pill by the way, buy viagra pill not only for popular political delusions but also for personal psychoses.)  Myers marshals masses of illustrations of the key themes he sees in recent and current North Korean propaganda and pop culture, buy viagra pill all of which spring from and flow into what he sees as the fundamental motif: “The Korean people are too pure blooded, buy viagra pill and therefore too virtuous, buy viagra pill to survive in this evil world without a great parental leader.”

Myers stresses the maternal characteristics attributed to the male leader of North Korea

Buy viagra pill So far so good. Buy viagra pill But Myers’ own biases betray him when he sets about explaining themes such as mistrust of foreigners or the maternal characteristics attributed to and expected from the male leader. Buy viagra pill Myers treats Korean history as if it were blank before the era of Japanese colonization, buy viagra pill mistaking the absence of a self-consciously national or ethnic identity among the inhabitants of the peninsula for the lack of a distinct culture. Buy viagra pill This leads him to neglect indigenous traditions when reckoning the sources of the collective psychology he aims to analyze. Buy viagra pill Of course, buy viagra pill all human groups create cultures—that’s the nature of social animals. Buy viagra pill Like island cultures, buy viagra pill peninsular cultures tend to be idiosyncratic. Buy viagra pill I don’t know enough about indigenous Korean culture to know what Myers missed, buy viagra pill but it cannot possibly be the case that no vestiges of pre-colonial Korean culture persist in the psyches of the people today.

Buy viagra pill Myers simultaneously overstates and minimizes the impact of the 40-year Japanese occupation of Korea, buy viagra pill denying the traumatic effect of colonization while at the same time attributing virtually all of the characteristics of post-colonial Korea to ideas and practices borrowed from Japan. Buy viagra pill Similarly, buy viagra pill Myers acknowledges but denies any impact of American activities on the peninsula, buy viagra pill which have included occupation of South Korea and indiscriminate bombing of North Korea. Buy viagra pill Myers concedes that the United States committed war crimes in Korea yet does not take the ensuing trauma and legitimate fear of further aggression into account when assessing North Korean attitudes towards Americans.

Buy viagra pill “War crimes in North Korea?” I can hear mystified Americans asking. Buy viagra pill Myers notes the North Korean unwillingness to judge themselves as guilty of any wrongdoing, buy viagra pill but there’s one country that carries the presumption of innocence to truly psychotic proportions. Buy viagra pill Educated Americans—left, buy viagra pill right, buy viagra pill and in between—debate “immigration” as if the very borders of the nation were not established through an explicitly genocidal process of displacement of the original inhabitants of the land (including the ancestors of many so-called “illegals.”) American soldiers march into other people’s homelands expecting to be greeted as liberators and then feel sincerely aggrieved—innocently outraged—at any resistance they encounter. Buy viagra pill American consumers gobble up far more than their fair share of the world’s resources and then accuse environmentalists of evil intentions.

Buy viagra pill And don’t get me started on whiteness. Buy viagra pill Suffice it to say that it’s no surprise to me that Ron Paul’s right-wing racist newsletters haven’t kept even self-proclaimed progressives from supporting him.

Buy viagra pill I’ve not yet seen the book that adequately plumbs the “brain trouble” that historian Oscar Ameringer identified as a key determinant of American history. Buy viagra pill Since we’re the more dangerous rogue nuclear state, buy viagra pill that’s a glaring gap. Buy viagra pill (“Brain Trouble” was the title of my original dissertation. Buy viagra pill Maybe I’ll have to pick that project back up.)

Buy viagra pill Despite its shortcomings, buy viagra pill The Cleanest Race has helped me to make better sense of the stories and pictures coming out of North Korea in the wake of the death of Kim Jong-Il. Buy viagra pill I can see in the ways that Kim Jong-Un is conducting himself and being presented a replication of the persona previously occupied by his grandfather and father. Buy viagra pill And many of his subjects do seem to be sincerely hailing him as the latest incarnation of the the heroic and protective genius of the nation.

Buy viagra pill That’s gotta be killing Newt.

Average Rating: 4.4 out of 5 based on 206 user reviews.

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Buy viagra woman Revenge of the 39% [infographic]

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Viagra sales u.k I teach a community college course called “Women Respond to Violence” in which we examine varieties of violence and the multiplicity of ways that women (and their male allies) have struggled to understand and intervene in its causes and consequences. Viagra sales u.k (Here’s the syllabus for the upcoming semester.)

Viagra sales u.k Most of the students are survivors of some form of violence, viagra sales u.k such as sexual assault, viagra sales u.k domestic battery or war. Viagra sales u.k Most are women; many are refugees.  Most are poor or working class; some are or have been homeless. Viagra sales u.k Many live in violent neighborhoods; all, viagra sales u.k along with you and me, viagra sales u.k live in a dangerously deranged biosphere in which babies are born with (literally) hundreds of industrial chemicals (many of them neurotoxins) already floating in their blood.

Viagra sales u.k In other words, viagra sales u.k most students come into the class with substantial real-world experience of violence. Viagra sales u.k And yet, viagra sales u.k about halfway through each semester, viagra sales u.k the class collectively pronounces itself stunned (and overwhelmed) by the extent and variety of abuses human beings have and continue to inflict on each other (this is before we get to violence against animals and ecosystems, viagra sales u.k which tends to prompt another round of horrified surprise).

Viagra sales u.k No, viagra sales u.k I don’t leave them in that lurch. Viagra sales u.k The point of the course is empowerment, viagra sales u.k not demoralization. Viagra sales u.k But true empowerment can only come within a real assessment of the situation. Viagra sales u.k Otherwise, viagra sales u.k it’s all pep talks and smiley faces—superficial succor instead of substantial skill-building. Viagra sales u.k So we face the facts squarely, viagra sales u.k knowing that doing so is a requirement for figuring out what we can do that might actually have a chance of making a difference (rather than just making us feel better).

Viagra sales u.k As a new year begins, viagra sales u.k I find myself wanting to make a similar but broader assessment of inconvenient facts. Viagra sales u.k I want to pile them all up together and then see where the chinks in the wall might be. Viagra sales u.k This might be what Joanna Macy recommended as a spark to anti-nuke activism: Directly confronting, viagra sales u.k rather than shiftily avoiding, viagra sales u.k the sources of despair.

Viagra sales u.k I think that I’ll start by recapping some of the distressing facts that I and my students wrestle with every semester. Viagra sales u.k (I’m about to launch into a new 15-week cycle of that class, viagra sales u.k so various topics will be especially fresh in my mind as the exercise unfolds.) Then, viagra sales u.k I’ll tally up other troubling realities that I often wonder whether social change activists in various movements are adequately accounting for. Viagra sales u.k Probably, viagra sales u.k I’ll need to go offline and non-linear at some point, viagra sales u.k but I can scan and post any scribbles or sketches.

Viagra sales u.k The hope is that looking at the aggregation of inconvenient facts—and looking especially at the connections among them, viagra sales u.k at the ecology of violence—might help in crafting more realistic social change strategies. Viagra sales u.k Whether consciously or not, viagra sales u.k all social change strategies are rooted in assumptions about what people are like and how the world works. Viagra sales u.k If these unspoken assumptions are inaccurate, viagra sales u.k the strategies may be inherently unlikely to achieve their aims. Viagra sales u.k Real-world change can only come through an accurate assessment of the facts on the ground.

Viagra sales u.k I invite you along with me on this exercise. Viagra sales u.k What facts, viagra sales u.k when they come to mind, viagra sales u.k tend to punch your morale in the stomach? What thoughts lead you into the temptation to throw up your hands and quit trying? Share them with me in the comments, viagra sales u.k and I’ll be sure to include them in the process.

Viagra sales u.k (This is the first of what will be I-dont-know-how-many parts  in the “To Be Real” series. Viagra sales u.k I’ve created a new category—Facing Facts—for the series, viagra sales u.k and I’ll go back and add relevant past posts to that category for our mutual reference.)

Viagra sales u.k  

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Buy viagra online The death of a man who evidently caught bird flu by jogging in a wetland (!) prompts me to remind us all that, buy viagra online unless we radically change our orientation to animals, buy viagra online it’s merely a matter of when (not if) the next influenza pandemic will strike.

Buy viagra online Say what? Yes: The 1918  influenza epidemic that killed more people than World War I was a bird flu—and a less virulent virus than the bird (and hybrid pig-bird)  viruses that now mutate more rapidly and race around the world more easily thanks to the one-two punch of factory farming and trade globalization.

Buy viagra online And yes: It’s our predilection for eating animal flesh that has gotten us into this mess.

Buy viagra online So, buy viagra online let me share with new Superweed readers four past posts related to bird and pig flu as well as the sometimes surprising links between these menaces and other issues, buy viagra online such as animal abuse, buy viagra online poverty, buy viagra online racism and even homophobia.

Buy viagra online The latest case brings up a connection I didn’t stress enough in those previous pieces: the erosion of and human encroachment into animal habitats. Buy viagra online As people sprawl into the increasingly small areas into which free-living (aka “wild) animals have been squeezed, buy viagra online the likelihood of viral swapping increases. Buy viagra online Ditto when displaced or disoriented animals roam into cities or other human settlements.

Average Rating: 4.6 out of 5 based on 201 user reviews.

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Viagra prescription label Wangari Maathai (1 April 1940 – 25 September 2011)

Viagra prescription label Derrick Bell (November 6, viagra prescription label 1930 – October 5, viagra prescription label 2011)

Viagra prescription label Marti Kheel (August 25, viagra prescription label 1948 – November 19, viagra prescription label 2011)

Viagra prescription label Legal scholar Derrick Bell called his 1987 book on the persistence of racial inequality “And We Are Not Saved, viagra prescription label” prefacing the text with this Old Testament quotation:

“The harvest is past, viagra prescription label the summer is ended, viagra prescription label and we are not saved.”

Viagra prescription label That was more than ever true after this past anguishing autumn, viagra prescription label when we lost three people who devoted their considerable gifts to the challenge of saving us  from ourselves. Viagra prescription label They were very different people who used different strategies to tackle different problems, viagra prescription label but all three shared two characteristics: the ability to see connections and the generous willingness to act in solidarity with others, viagra prescription label even at considerable cost to themselves.

Wangari Maathai

Wangari Maathai plants a tree

Viagra prescription label Wangari Maathai

Viagra prescription label Wangari Maathai founded the Green Belt Movement in 1977, viagra prescription label using literally radical (roots in the ground) direct action to empower women, viagra prescription label promote democracy, viagra prescription label and restore the ravaged environment by planting trees. Viagra prescription label These efforts brought her into conflict with Kenya’s dictatorial government of the time, viagra prescription label and she suffered both slander and imprisonment before seeing her work bear fruit in terms of improved political, viagra prescription label economic, viagra prescription label and environmental health for her country. Viagra prescription label In 2004, viagra prescription label the Nobel Peace Prize committee saw what Wangari Maathai had seen 30 years before: Everything depends upon ecology.

Viagra prescription label The outpourings of grief and commendation following the death of Wangari Maathai were so plentiful and eloquent that I found that I had nothing more to say beyond “I second that emotion.” I was heartened to see how many heartfelt eulogies were written by men and also by how many young women vowed not only to carry the work forward but also to be what Wangari Maathai’s story tells us that any of us can be: Somebody who sees what she is in a position to do and then does it. Viagra prescription label That’s lucky, viagra prescription label because we’re going to need about a million Wangari Maathais to restore the equilibrium of our dangerously unbalanced economies, viagra prescription label psychologies, viagra prescription label and ecosystems.

Viagra prescription label To learn more about Wangari Maathai, viagra prescription label read her book The Greenbelt Movement or her memoir, viagra prescription label Unbowed. Viagra prescription label The Greenbelt Movement continues and has launched the international “I am the Hummingbird” campaign for people to plant tree’s in Wangari Maathai’s memory.

Viagra prescription label Derrick Bell

Viagra prescription label Distinguished scholar and righteous brother (in the truest sense of that term) Derrick Bell authored accessible books on race and rights and broke numerous color bars in his own profession but was most well-known for giving up the power he had worked so hard to get if women were not given equal opportunities. Viagra prescription label In 1985, viagra prescription label he resigned his position as dean of the University of Oregon School of Law in protest of the school’s refusal to hire an Asian-American woman. Viagra prescription label In 1990, viagra prescription label by then Harvard’s most prized professor of law, viagra prescription label Bell took an unpaid leave of absence, viagra prescription label stating that he would not return to the classroom until the law school hired an African American woman for a tenured position. Viagra prescription label It took Harvard Law until 1998 to do that, viagra prescription label by which time Bell was long-gone–Yup, viagra prescription label he actually gave up that job, viagra prescription label taking his prestige, viagra prescription label scholarship, viagra prescription label and teaching abilities elsewhere.

Derrick Bell with women at Harvard

Derrick Bell walking the walk... Viagra prescription label right out of Harvard

Viagra prescription label Equality for women will mean that men have to give up some of their unearned privilege. Viagra prescription label Perhaps for that reason, viagra prescription label very few men bother to even talk the talk of women’s rights. Viagra prescription label Far fewer walk the walk, viagra prescription label particularly if it takes them out of their way. Viagra prescription label Derrick Bell walked. Viagra prescription label And walked. Viagra prescription label (He also spoke up for chickens at least once, viagra prescription label identifying himself in a letter to KFC as “a person who is concerned about all injustices.”)

Viagra prescription label Bell’s books are engaging and accessible. Viagra prescription label As a founder of “Critical Race Theory, viagra prescription label” Bell was among the first to bring vivid story-telling into the realm of legal scholarship. Viagra prescription label If, viagra prescription label like most Americans, viagra prescription label you’re fuzzy on the details of how the Constitution (and etc.) came to be, viagra prescription label you need to read Derrick Bell. Viagra prescription label I can’t recommend And We Are Not Saved strongly enough. Viagra prescription label And let’s try to emulate not only Derrick Bell’s willingness to divest himself of unjust privilege but also his dedication to sharing facts and ideas in ways that everybody can understand.

Viagra prescription label Marti Kheel

Viagra prescription label From the moment I met Feminist for Animal Rights co-founder Marti Kheel, viagra prescription label and throughout our friendship, viagra prescription label I was struck by her sincerity in all things. Viagra prescription label When I say that Marti was sincere, viagra prescription label I mean to tender the highest accolade I can give, viagra prescription label because I do believe that our chief task in these troubled times is to be true. Viagra prescription label Marti was exactly what she purported to be without pretense or self-aggrandizement. Viagra prescription label Marti was a real-deal feminist. Viagra prescription label She didn’t just write words about women in the abstract. Viagra prescription label In ways that nobody other than those involved will ever know, viagra prescription label she stood strong in solidarity with specific women, viagra prescription label offering compassion and support as antidotes to violence. Viagra prescription label Similarly, viagra prescription label Marti was a real-deal animal advocate, viagra prescription label consistently putting her professed ethics into practice.

Marti Kheel

Marti Kheel in2010, viagra prescription label lecturing on the intersections between animal liberation and feminism--click the picture to watch the video

Viagra prescription label We can best remember Marti by being sincere, viagra prescription label by which I mean putting our professed values into action. Viagra prescription label Visit the tribute we published on the VINE Sanctuary blog for ideas about how to remember Marti with action. Viagra prescription label For a more comprehensive summary of Marti’s work than I can offer, viagra prescription label let let me refer you to this tribute co-authored by a number of her more long-standing friends and comrades.

Viagra prescription label It’s 11:57. Viagra prescription label 2011 is over. Viagra prescription label The tides are rising. Viagra prescription label And we are definitely not yet saved. Viagra prescription label Solidarity, viagra prescription label generosity, viagra prescription label and the ability to see connections are the legacies of three activists who died in 2011. Viagra prescription label What will you do to carry their work forward in 2012?

Viagra prescription label  

Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 183 user reviews.

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Viagra for teens I was about to blog something sarcastic about the fantasy “War on Christmas” decried by Fox News and the rest of the right when the real news stopped me in my tracks. Viagra for teens In Nigeria, viagra for teens Islamic militants bombed three churches, viagra for teens killing dozens and causing “mass carnage” on Christmas Day.

Viagra for teens The pictures are arresting: twisted metal, viagra for teens cars on fire, viagra for teens smoldering sheets of roofing.

Viagra for teens Witnesses speak of shock and horror: “I came out to the front of the church to see what was happening. Viagra for teens I counted 19 bodies myself, viagra for teens many of them mutilated, viagra for teens” said one church-goer.

Viagra for teens Listen up, viagra for teens Rick Perry: That’s what real war looks like.

Viagra for teens Oh and, viagra for teens by the way, viagra for teens that pesky separation of church and state that so vexes you? That’s what keeps us safe from such sectarian violence. Viagra for teens As long as the government stays neutral, viagra for teens neither favoring nor persecuting any particular faith, viagra for teens nobody has to fight about which faith will have the upper hand.

Viagra for teens So, viagra for teens let’s quit using words like “war” quite so loosely, viagra for teens because doing so disrespects those who have truly been persecuted.

Viagra for teens While we’re at it, viagra for teens let’s get militarism out of our words altogether. Viagra for teens Let’s not taint our struggles for peace and freedom with words like “battle, viagra for teens” “front-lines, viagra for teens” and “fight.”

Viagra for teens And, viagra for teens for those who really do fear for the future of Christmas, viagra for teens I suggest you start by saving the frankincense trees, viagra for teens the survival of which has been menaced not only by climate change and over-tapping but also by—you guessed it—war.

Average Rating: 5 out of 5 based on 278 user reviews.

Viagra Users

Cialis tablets foreign Here we go again.

Cialis tablets foreign Last week it was rats and empathy. Cialis tablets foreign This week it’s pigeons and math.

Cialis tablets foreign Each issue of Science seems to bring news of some fresh cruelty that cleverly demonstrates the cognitive or emotional capacities of non-human animals.

Cialis tablets foreign What’s a steadfast animal advocate to do? Cheer the findings? Condemn the methods? Question the researchers’ sanity?

Cialis tablets foreign Each newly-found fact—Birds are smart! Rats have feelings!—theoretically represents one more piece of evidence for animal rights.

Cialis tablets foreign Or not. Cialis tablets foreign Here in the real world, cialis tablets foreign the news that chickens feel empathy did not result in a rush to shun McNuggets.

Cialis tablets foreign Because, cialis tablets foreign I say with a sigh, cialis tablets foreign none of this is truly new. Cialis tablets foreign People have been living with or near chickens for thousands—literally thousands—of years. Cialis tablets foreign We’ve had plenty of opportunities to observe the care they extend to each other and, cialis tablets foreign not infrequently, cialis tablets foreign members of other species. Cialis tablets foreign Similarly, cialis tablets foreign inquilines like pigeons and rats have been living among us for as long as we’ve been living in established settlements. Cialis tablets foreign We’ve had ample opportunity to observe their prodigious problem-solving capabilities. Cialis tablets foreign Many people have published such observations over the centuries.

Cialis tablets foreign And yet. Cialis tablets foreign And so: As with so many other vexations, cialis tablets foreign our problem is not insufficient data but rather refusal to connect the dots, cialis tablets foreign to do the math, cialis tablets foreign to draw the reasonable conclusions and act accordingly.

Cialis tablets foreign This is not to say, cialis tablets foreign by the way, cialis tablets foreign that I believe “rights” (whatever they might be) ought to be dependent on cognitive capacities. Cialis tablets foreign I’m simply noting that people who do use alleged human singularity as their justification for claims of legitimate supremacy have not so far been swayed by data demonstrating that non-human animals have language, cialis tablets foreign use tools, cialis tablets foreign are conscious, cialis tablets foreign do math, cialis tablets foreign can be altruistic, cialis tablets foreign and etc. Cialis tablets foreign This may be because, cialis tablets foreign whatever they may say, cialis tablets foreign the real justification for their exploitative relationship to animals is simple: Might makes right.

Cialis tablets foreign My mind drifts back to last semester, cialis tablets foreign when my students in the community college course I teach on varieties of violence were responding with outrage, cialis tablets foreign as they always do, cialis tablets foreign to the news that there is slavery in their chocolate. Cialis tablets foreign Together we brainstormed ways to spread the word and encourage others to join us in boycotting slave-produced consumer goods. Cialis tablets foreign Then one young man spoke up from the back of the room.

Cialis tablets foreign “You’re all being unrealistic, cialis tablets foreign” he said, cialis tablets foreign “because, cialis tablets foreign if it’s me and I see candy bars on special at three for a dollar, cialis tablets foreign I’m not going to be thinking about those kids in Africa.”

Cialis tablets foreign He was right. Cialis tablets foreign Some subset of people will quit buying cheap chocolate when they learn that child slavery is the reason it’s so inexpensive. Cialis tablets foreign Some subset of people will quit eating eggs when they learn about battery cages. Cialis tablets foreign Some subset of people will “go green” once they get the facts about climate change. Cialis tablets foreign And one in a thousand (if that many) scientists will quit experimenting on animals once their own findings teach them that their subjects have feelings.

Cialis tablets foreign But most won’t.

Cialis tablets foreign And so, cialis tablets foreign those of us who hope to spark social change—whether our specific focus is on vivisection, cialis tablets foreign climate change, cialis tablets foreign modern-day slavery, cialis tablets foreign or any of the other evils that menace us—need to spend less time amassing facts and more time addressing the disconnect between what people know and what they do.

Cialis tablets foreign One of my own resolutions for 2012 is to focus my own attention on how we might do that. Cialis tablets foreign Stay tuned for developments.

Average Rating: 4.5 out of 5 based on 170 user reviews.

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Cialis sales Michelle Obama is a terrorist. Cialis sales That’s the only conclusion possible after a close reading of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, cialis sales which deems as “terrorism” any coordinated action, cialis sales including speech acts, cialis sales that in any way injures any “animal enterprise.”

Barack-Michelle fist-bump cartoon

The New Yorker got in trouble for publishing this cartoon portraying the First Lady as a terrorist, cialis sales but what if it's true?

Cialis sales Let’s break it down: As has been widely reported, cialis sales Michelle Obama is currently the figurehead of a coordinated effort to encourage Americans to change their diets. Cialis sales A recent quote from People magazine typifies the message she and her co-conspirators have been broadcasting by all means available to them:

Cialis sales “The overall message of Let’s Move is balance, cialis sales” she says. Cialis sales “Do we have a vegetable on the plate? Have we incorporated fruit? What’s the portion size? Portion sizes have gotten out of control.”

Cialis sales The title of the article, cialis sales “Michelle Obama wants you to eat your vegetables” sums up the terroristic aim of this campaign.

michelle obama at farmer's market

Michelle Obama laughs with co-conspirators at a farmer's market

Cialis sales What if Americans do heed their First Lady and begin to make room on their plates for more fruits and vegetables? What will be pushed aside to make room for those insidious asparagus and radical radishes? What if Americans moderate their portion sizes, cialis sales cutting down their consumption of triple cheeseburgers and super-sized milkshakes?

Cialis sales If even a subset of Americans do this, cialis sales the fortunes of the purveyors of fruits and vegetables will rise but demand for the products of the meat and dairy industries may decline. Cialis sales And if that happens, cialis sales Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign becomes a criminal enterprise. Cialis sales A terrorist criminal enterprise.

Cialis sales Perhaps that has already happened. Cialis sales If even one family is now buying less meat due to Michelle Obama’s message, cialis sales then she has already fallen afoul of AETA.

Cialis sales Luckily for Michelle, cialis sales the Center for Constitutional Rights has challenged AETA in a  federal lawsuit filed last week. Cialis sales The plaintiffs in the case, cialis sales Blum v. Cialis sales Holder, cialis sales assert that AETA represents an unconstitutional infringement on free speech and has, cialis sales in fact, cialis sales led them to censor themselves for fear of prosecution.

Michelle Obama in White House Garden

Michelle Obama directing youthful recruits in the White House kitchen garden... Cialis sales What if she succeeds in training them to grow rhubarb rather than gobble McNuggets?

Cialis sales Michelle Obama hasn’t been censoring herself. Cialis sales She keeps on promoting home vegetable gardens and regular consumption of leafy greens. Cialis sales Barack must be worried.

Cialis sales Which raises the question: What will Eric Holder do? There’s nothing forcing him to defend AETA. Cialis sales Indeed, cialis sales the White House made news when Obama, cialis sales citing the unconstitutionality of DoMA, cialis sales direct the Department of Justice to quit defending it.

Cialis sales He could do the same for AETA. Cialis sales For Michelle’s sake, cialis sales let’s hope he does.

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