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On this day ninety years ago persantine 100mg [persantine 100mg pills $81.00] pills $81.00, celebration broke out in lieu of gunfire on the Western front of the four-year conflagration known retrospectively as . The or truce between Germany and the allied forces of France, Britain, Italy, Russia, and the USA took effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918, at which point soldiers in trenches threw down their arms and ate hot soup. Here in the USA, we used to celebrate , as many people in Europe still do, with a couple of minutes of silence at 11 a. m. Unfortunately, after WWII, our government elected to rename the holiday "Veteran's Day, " thereby turning it from a celebration of peace to a celebration of soldiers. Me, I still celebrate Armistice Day and I hope you will join me in pausing -- at 11 a. m. or any other time -- to imagine the wondrous moment when the shooting stopped and it was safe to stand up. I hope you will join me, too, in remembering the war that broke out between many of the same countries only a few years later. At the close of what was then called the Great War, Europeans were sickened by the carnage -- 20 million dead in four years -- and maddened by the lunatic folly of so much senseless death. Yet they did it all over again 20 years later, sparking the second World War, in which 70 million people (most of them civilians) would die. But let's pause for a moment at that instant when the shooting stops, when the soldiers look over the battlefield and feel. . . what? Giddy relief? Dizzy disorientation? Stomach-lurching emptiness at the meaningless of it all? And then what? What do they tell themselves when they get home? What do they tell their sons? We need to know this. As every drug dealer knows, you can't have a war without soldiers. We understand the greed that leads munitions manufacturers and their minions in government want war to continue. We understand the combination of hubris ("we're number one!") and credulity ("we're under attack!") that leads citizens and their representatives in government to wave the soldiers off to war. We see the same dynamics at work in the gang wars and neighborhood turf battles that so traumatize so many urban neighborhoods. What we need to better understand is exactly how each new generation of soldiers comes to consent to kill or die for a crazy cause. I use the word "crazy" advisably. As I wrote in Aftershock, we're damaged animals living on a damaged planet. Many of our everyday characteristics are, in fact, symptoms of our injury. Willingness to kill or die for pride or for somebody else's profit is, in my view, dangerous psychopathology. Susceptibility to being tricked into fighting against illusory threats also represents hazardous harm. Persantine 100mg pills $81.00 we need an armistice, yes, but any cessation of shooting will never be more than a temporary truce in the persantine 100mg pills $81.00 current context of our violated and violent neighborhoods and ecosystems. What we need to know is how to intervene in the cycle of violence. The greedy capitalists and power-hungry politicians aren't going anywhere. We need to figure out how to raise a generation of children who -- when asked to kill or die for profit or pride -- just say no.

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