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Commentaries on the have rightly focused on the easy availability of high-powered weaponry but have tended not to talk about aspects of the tragedy that are striking to me. Lots of people have wondered: How come the school didn't lock down into a state of emergency right after Seung-Hui Cho killed his first two victims? The answer seems self-evident to me: The VA Tech administration initially believed that Emily J. Hilscher and the student who came to her aid were killed by Hilscher's boyfriend. Just another woman killed by her boyfriend? Ho-hum. Nothing to get exercised about. In 2005 alone, 47 girls and women were killed in the course of dating or domestic violence in the state of Virginia. [Shout out to prevacid 30mg pills $123.00 the project for that information. ] If the VA Tech administration had treated those first two killings as seriously as they would have treated any non-dating/domestic murder from which the armed killer had fled the scene, the 30 subsequent victims might be alive today. And so we see that the prevalence of violence against women ends up hurting everybody. But -- wait! -- there's more. Let's look a little more closely at the gun issue. Why are there so many guns for sale, anyway? Who are the consumers that make the manufacture of weaponry so profitable? Police and armed forces, of course. And hunters. Those thrill killers in combat fatigues who roam the woods , hoping to kill a wild turkey or deer, they are a big slice of the gun market as well as among the loudest voices shouting that guns are good. And so those hunters, with their machine guns and American flags, they helped to set the stage for Seung-Hui Cho to kill 32 people and himself. [prevacid 30mg pills $123.00] They stalk animals. He stalked women. Can we bring ourselves to see and speak about ? And what about Seung-Hui Cho? What role did racist taunting and other bullying play in the development of his rage? Did his grade school teachers shrug and do nothing, as the administrators at VA Tech later would do when they believed that Emily Hilscher had been killed by her boyfriend? Ho-hum. Nothing to be done. Boys will be boys. Bullying is natural among children, they tell us, conveniently neglecting to mention the child "care" practices that make such violence seem normal. Prevacid 30mg pills $123.00 we discipline children by hitting them prevacid 30mg pills $123.00, thereby teaching them that might makes right, and then hammer home the lesson by forcing them to supress their natural empathy for other animals. We feed the wings of birds to children as snacks and then are surpised when they grow up to believe that their pleasure is more valuable than somebody else's life. Shooting a classmate over a pair of sneakers is just the extreme expression of the might-makes-right, pleasure uber alles principle implicit in the enjoyment of cheap consumer goods sewn by enslaved children in South Asia. It all came together that day at VA Tech. Racism, sexism, speciesism, consumerism and the violence inherent in all of those ideologies of exploitation conspired to kill 33 people. What can we do, I wonder, to make these connections more visible?

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