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in "america's top exports: grief, sorrow, and loss, " vegan lefty micky z is sparked by his own recent bereavement to reflect upon the trauma that us actions visit on people around the world.

(For SuperWeed readers in NYC: Mickey Z's got an event coming up on March 10th at Astoria's famous Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden. From 7:30 to 9:00 PM, Mickey will give a talk entitled "Myth America: War, elections, and our way of life. " The event is sponsored by Astorians for Peace and Justice and is free and open to the public. )
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My mother passed away on January 12, after a long illness. She was nearly 72 and had been very ill since mid-2005.
Despite having almost three years to "prepare" for this reality seroquel 25mg pills $182.00, her death is teaching me previously unimaginable lessons about grief, sorrow, and loss. My heart is broken, shattered in a million pieces.
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Amidst my mourning, I can't help but visualize the feelings of grief, sorrow, and loss being experienced in places directly and indirectly impacted by US policies. Imagine if you will, a mother in Iraq.
And it's not just military murders. Every two seconds, somewhere on the planet, a child starves to death. More grief, sorrow, and loss. More anger and frustration, too.
Remember: every two seconds, somewhere on the planet, a child starves to death. Meanwhile, the US spends one million dollars per minute on war.
We often hear the question: "Why do they hate us?"

We give them an excellent reason every 2 seconds and a million more reasons every single minute.

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