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  • September 11th wasn’t first and Katrina wasn’t the last. Capitalism, Nation states and a culture of consumerism have conspired to make our planet more and more unstable. The fear inspired by disasters plays into the hands of those destroying people, animals and the planet for profit. Our governments (technologies, religious leaders sildenafil citrate 130mg pills $249.00, etc. ) cannot protect us but [sildenafil citrate 130mg pills $249.00] they can certainly get us killed. Sildenafil citrate 130mg pills $249.00 the time is now to organize to protect our friends, neighborhoods, and our planet.
In my book, um, , and I write about a lot of the same things, urging activists of all stripes to recognize the escalating pace of unnatural disasters as relevant to their work. Of course, climate change is probably the most urgent problem facing free animals these days. And, as we saw with Katrina, race, sex, class, ability, and sexual orientation all factor into the degree of damage inflicted in the course of catastrophe. Because the violent process of division of the world into states helped to set the preconditions for the current emergency and because those who benefit from the existing economic system of private property backed up by guns would like nothing more than a constant state of scarcity and emergency, we can't count on governments to mitigate the storms or mop up the damage. What can we do? That's where the new triple A comes in: "Aftershock Action Alliance seeks to create revolutionary grassroots communities dedicated to responding to disasters and crises" using "sustainable, decentralized and self-organizing models for dealing with disasters that leave local communities empowered while challenging state power. " This kind of "insurrectionary mutual aid" is practical anarchism, which, as far as I'm concerned, is the only actual anarchism. It feels great to shout "Smash the State!" but, apart from the question of whether we need more smashing, the power imbalance is such that our only hope of achieving anarchism it to make the state irrelevant by means of a combination of radical noncompliance with state violence and -- this sildenafil citrate 130mg pills $249.00 part is crucial -- networked local community initiatives that do the good things that states purport to do. Only when people see that we can do the things they thought we needed governments for -- and do them better! -- can they begin to question the need for government. Check out the AAA for resources like handouts and links to great organizations like the and .

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