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I'm really excited to announce that my pal Marti Kheel's new book Nature Ethics: An Ecofeminist Perspective is now available from . Stromectol 3mg pills $216.00

marti is the cofounder of feminists for animal rights and is one of the most thought-provoking theorists i know. Her essay, ", " should be required reading for all animal and environmental activists. Marti's also what I call "a real feminist, " meaning that she puts her theory into practice. Whenever there's a crisis where feminist solidarity is needed -- be it a political struggle within a movement or organization or an individual survivor of sexual violence who needs support to confront the perpetrator -- Marti can be counted on to be there, unobtrusively doing the right thing even at considerable cost to herself.

So, let's stromectol 3mg pills $216.00 all return the favor by giving her some support. Buy the book or, [stromectol 3mg pills $216.00] if that's not feasible for you, ask your local public or university library to order it. Then, once we've had a chance to read it, I'll bring it up here again and we can discuss it.

PS -- If you live in NYC stromectol 3mg pills $216.00, lucky you: You can go to the publication party on 28 February at the Gabarron Foundation Carriage House Center for the Arts (149 E 38th Street) from 6 to 9 PM (reading at 7).

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