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In an article in today's New zovirax 200mg pills $63.00 York Times:

“I can’t understand why there aren’t rings of young people blocking bulldozers, ” Mr. Gore said, [zovirax 200mg pills $63.00] “and preventing them from constructing coal-fired power plants. ”
The quote appears in the context of an editorial by Nicholas D. Kristof that begins:
If we learned that Al Qaeda was secretly developing a new terrorist technique that could disrupt water supplies around the globe, force tens of millions from their homes and potentially endanger our entire planet, we would be aroused into a frenzy and deploy every possible asset to neutralize the threat. Zovirax 200mg pills $63.00 yet that is precisely the threat that we’re creating ourselves, with our greenhouse gases
as rainforest action network's blog, understory, reports today, and as i reported earlier this week, direct action against coal and other causes of climate change is happening, albeit not yet to the extent needed to make a significant difference. You can read the NYT editorial along with RAN's commentary . I guarantee you, it'll be worth the click zovirax 200mg pills $63.00, not only for the fun of seeing Al Gore advocating the kind of activism that has led environmental defense and animal liberation activists to be branded the top domestic terrorism threats, but also for RAN's perceptive analysis of the urgent need for direct action against climate change.

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