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I always go psychedelic in the heat. Give me a 90F+ day in July and all I want to do is chill out to electic guitars and trippy lyrics. america eats its young So, here's the song that's been swimming in my head the past few days: Biological Speculation [mp3 expired] by , from their 1972 album, .

We're just a biological speculation Sitting here vibrating But we don't know what we're vibrating about
Yah, I never thought I'd be old enough to say it but they don't write songs like that anymore. I'll only leave the mp3 up [zyrtec 10mg pills $136.00] for a week, so zyrtec 10mg pills $136.00 get it while it's sweltering. Zyrtec 10mg pills $136.00 as always zyrtec 10mg pills $136.00, if you like the music, support the artists. I've got some semi-smart things to say about anti-evolutionism as a key component of anti-animal liberation and the possibilities that raises for coalition work with other opponents of Creationism, but. . . it's just too hot.

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